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Hey Proklaim, super nice to have the chance to chat with you again and again and again! First and foremost how u doin' since our last interview together?

I'm well been busy multitasking and managed to finish a hiphopafrobeats short project.

What's the best hip - hop record of all time?

There have been a lot of hiphop songs that have moved me over the years but if I had to pick 1 I'd have to go with "When they reminisce over you " by Pete Rock and CL.Smoothe.There have been a lot of hiphop songs that have moved me over the years but if I had to pick 1 I'd have to go with "When they reminisce over you " by Pete Rock and CL.Smoothe.

What's your favorite hip - hop record of all time?

The best hiphop record of all time? Again here there are several powerful songs that really moved me picking 1 that is "the best" is subjective.. I can tell you my favorites but to say one I think is the best would be harder.

Do you see yourself as a "Musosoup hot tip saucy banger"?

I would say that I do aim to try create music that has a level of appeal so when I create songs I try to make "bangers" while still aiming to make them sound different from they typical sound of a "banger"..I try experiment with styles.

Where did you learn to rap?

I had been a hiphop fan for many years but really tried to teach myself to rap the year after I finished college.

Have you ever entered a rap battle? If yes, did you win the damn thing?

I have on a few occasion feeestlyed in cyphers with other MCs but not to battle them. I do think freestyle battling is a different art form than songwriting or creating hiphop songs. I see myself more an artist who creates rap /hip hop music. I am way more drawn to the creative process of writing and recording songs.

Have you ever entered a dance battle?

Nada not been a dancer.. I appreciate the art form though.

I watched The Deer Hunter last night. What are your toughts on the Vietname war?

I like movies that are historical. I watched quite a few movies and shows based on the Vietnam war. My thoughts on the Vietnam war are that a lot of lives were lost in it as with most other wars and it shaped the lives of a lot of people from that generation like war veterans and civilians from that period.

Will you tell the people at home a reason 2 believe that you are an up ad coming artist with a lot of potential?

I do believe that the art I am now beginning to have the privilege to create presents a fresh take on hiphop and rap music that I hope transcends genres and time while conveying as Pivotal messages for anyone who may get a listen of what it is we're beginning to do.

Do you still agree with the Pigeon?

I think the pigeon provides a sound platform for independent artists to gain a broader reach and is a great platform for artist growth


Proklaim takes a bold left turn in "Thieves", a political banger in which the poet condemns the world to the madhouse. After introducing himself through spoken word and using more exotic beats and strings than usual, Proklaim spreads his wings and flies around the world supported by his words. On this odyssey, Proklaim returns even wiser and sees the world becoming progressively crazier. The lo-fi production is once again excellent, perhaps the beats are even breezier than we're used to, but Proklaim's bars are still as edgy and clever as ever!

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify. You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases!

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