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1. Cru cru, what first got you into music?

2. What would you do if you had a time machine?

3. What’s your favorite album of all time?

4. Will you tell us something embarassing about you?

5. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an artist?

6. Are you a music fan?

7. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

8. What’s movie do you love the most?

9. Who came first? The Pigeon or the egg?

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

1. I first got into music early in high school, mainly just writing songs with friends as jokes or for school projects and such, eventually in developed into an emotional outlet as i discovered a passion for songwriting and from there my interest in other aspects of music like production and the music buisness grew

2. I would go an a spree of legendary music festivals and shows like the three woodstocks, nirvana's MTV unplugged, Queens live aid performance, all that good stuff

3. my favorite album switches like everyday, Nevermind by nirvana is an album i feel very connected too, it was one of the first albums i ever bought for myself. at the moment the kids see ghosts self titled album is one ive been coming back too a lot

4. I've never seen spongebob and i dont have any plans too, i will not elaborate

5. I really try to make sure i'm never the smartest person in the room, i try and surround myself with people who are more experienced then i am, people that i look up too.

6. Yes yes yes yes yes, its honestly my whole personality

7. Fashion is a big hobby of mine, i love shopping for clothes and i do original designs aswell, i put together my first collection in 2021 and since then ive really only made clothes for myself but i realy hope to dive back into the world of design and styling soon

8. my favorite movie is the big lebowski, if youve seen it and know me this is no surprise

9. neither, they came together

10. very much so Cru cru

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