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1. Cru cru The Project, always a pleasure to have you back! How are you doing?

Doing great just rocking and rolling

2. What is "Hope" and why does it sound so glamorous?

hope is about going thru life and making mistakes and have to restart again

I think we all go thru stuff and you have choices there's always hope and sound wise that comes from having a genius producer/songwriter like Dennis hill

3. What is your top 3 films from the horror genre?

I know what you did last summer

My bloody valentine (original)

The scream movies

4. Have you seen any cool horor movie in the cinema lately?

no nothing really has caught my eye

5. What do you think of "elevated horror"?

I can't say I'm familiar with that

6. Can you name your favorite artists from the 80s?

That's easy Bon Jovi Motley Crue ratt

7. Do you see yourself as an indie artist?

Yes we have been offered 3 record deals already and turned them all down don't really need them now a days

8. Is "Hope" a love song?

no it could be if that's how you relate to it could be about drug addiction, money problems,parent problems,just life's problems

9. Which of these instruments did you learn how to play first: banjo or guitar?

guitar started play at 8 years old

10. Do you agree with the pigeon?

100% thanks again


Distorted riffs and explosive drums kick off The Project's new song, "Hope", which asks us to tell him that everything is fine even though he's suffering from insomnia after a heartbreak. "There's nothing to leave! What could I have said to make you stay?" "Hope" is one of those extraordinary alternative rock cuts whose guitar textures remind me of a relationship of several years in which the couple in question break up despite already living together. Boredom has spread and led them to split up, just because they both think it's necessary, even though they know it's for the best!

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