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1. Cru cru, what first got you into music?

We both started making music relatively early and both went to a music school as children. After working separately in more or less successful projects, we got together for the first time around 2011 and worked on songs together. However, this project fizzled out and we only got back together in 2020.

2. What would you do if you had a time machine?

We have seen all the Back To The Future films and see it as insanely reckless to undertake such a journey.

3. What’s your favorite album of all time?

I believe that it is difficult for us to make such an ultimate decision. But Robbie Williams - Escapology is damn good.

4. Will you tell us something embarassing about you?

Probably more of a confession. Sven unintentionally ran over a pigeon in front of a concert. RIP

5. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an artist?

At the moment we are trying to work with professional partners as much as possible to promote our music outside of Luxembourg. This also includes touring abroad.

6. Are you a music fan?

Absolutely, we love going to concerts and have countless records in our collections.

7. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

Music takes up most of our time and that's a good thing. That leaves us very little time for other things and what we do on the side can hardly be described as a hobby.

8. What’s movie do you love the most?

Some Kubrick film. If push came to shove, it would probably be Shinning.

9. Who came first? The Pigeon or the egg?

We were there and can confidently say that it was the egg. Trust me bro

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

I think so? So yes, surely it's better for us? Isn't it? Ah damn, we love pigeons! All hail the pigeon god and all his eggs. May they fly over us forever.

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