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Cru cru Giack Bazz super nice to have the chance to chat with you. What first got you into music?

Hey Pedro! Thank you for having me. I guess having a piano in my childhood home definitely helped, then when my best friend in elementary school started learning guitar, I had to follow suit.

What is "The Moon Is Painted" and why does it feel so epic?

The song started flowing through me as a sequence on a pocket operator, you know those tiny calculator-looking synths that Teenage Engineering makes? Then, over time it became a more complex piece of songwriting when the band joined in and we started layering guitars and synths. Epic? It must be the many overdubs of our choir and the bass trombone that leads the chorus hook. The lyrics were written using the Cut-up technique, first pioneered by Brian Eno and David Bowie, I used my copy of Blade Runner.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I always tell this story because it lives rent free In my head: When I was working on my second album I went to Cesena to see Devendra Barnhart and he randomly picked my out of the crowd and asked me to perform a song that no one had ever heard before, so I played “Rose Tinted Hell”, that I had written the day before, in front of a huge crowd that to my surprise loved the song. Then there’s all the press we pay as independent artists, they somehow manage to write such great articles but often misspell my name.

Do you consider yourself a music - nerd?

I’m the king of music nerds! I studied songwriting and composition at University, I could write you an essay on why “Watermelon Sugar” is the prime example of lazy, tasteless songwriting; but my time is more precious than that. Additionally, I pay my bills as a live sound engineer so the Tech/geeky part is also taken care of. Definitely an all-round Nerd!

What’s your favorite artist from the British scene?

That has to be Sir Paul McCartney. His music and songwriting style has influenced my most recent releases more than I expected him to. Close second is master Thom Yorke in his multifaceted appearances, a genius of our times.

Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?

I was once playing at a festival and right at the beginning of the first song two strings snapped, I had a friend from another band borrow me his guitar but I forgot to plug it into my pedalboard so I panicked as no sound was coming out. Luckily I quickly realized the issue and solved it. Needless to say, it was over a decade ago.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the electronic music business?

Internet made making music much easier than in was in the past and I’m thankful for that. On the other hand, anyone can release music commercially nowadays and I’m not sure this is a good thing. A lot of artists I have come across online mostly do it for the clout, the brand partnerships, the catwalk. Just be a model then, quit obstructing the airwaves with music you didn’t write yourself and you can’t perform without pitch correction.

I make music because I have to get It out of my head, I make music that I wake up with in my head and I can’t find online. I don’t do breakup songs, but you do what you like.

Would you describe your perfect day?

I wake up at about 11am, have a coffee and jam with my synths and guitar. If I’m lucky an embryo of a song comes to greet me, otherwise it’s just more wasted tape. I water my plants and feed my snails Akai and Marcel. After lunch I play some GameBoy or Switch while listening to a vinyl. And a perfect night out to me is when I’m either performing or supporting at a friend’s gig.

What’s your favorite movie?

Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, It’s simply too good. The perfect comfort movie!

Do you sing in the shower? If yes, what songs?

I binge albums and artists I discover. I like to pick them apart, understand how their songs work, what meaning resonates with me. Therefore, short answer is whatever I’m listening to at the moment. The specific answer is Stay with me by Miki Matsubara.

Do you agree with the Pigeon?

I agree: we domesticated the pigeon, we made them our primary mean of communication during war. Now the pigeon is a veteran on the streets, fighting for survival, scavenging like the fox, soaring like the seagull. The pigeon is a forgotten medium, just like me.


Giack Bazz conquers us again! "The Moon Is Painted" begins in an atmospheric world whose environment is built by drones. Later, string distortion appears, allowing this world to acquire more and more power, killing us without warning!!! Giack Bazz also reveals a natural gift for words in this magical experience that hungers for my feelings. Eventually, the dreamy atmosphere is broken by extremely creative riffs that seem to have a natural interference coming from an alternative frequency that dictates the end of this rock and roll as epic as the tides propelled by this red moon painted in an enchanting starry sky.



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