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Check out the new original album by Claudia Balla: Winter Tale!

Once again, I have the pleasure of revisiting "Winter Tale", a work that warms you up like the famous Charlie Brown Christmas special. In Winter Tale, Claudia shines gloriously on "White Bird", a single accompanied by delicate chords and angelic background choirs, which make Balla's naturally divine performance an absolutely phenomenal experience! It sounds like a once in a lifetime event, as the production is fabulous and wins us over with sparkling refinements and delicate crystal-like yet emotionally overwhelming strings...

The pianos and Balla's voice are also made of crystal and the snowy realm of this single is so cozy that it perfectly encapsulates the comfort of drinking hot chocolate on a freezing night. In short, Winter Tale is hauntingly beautiful, just like a fragile bird singing in a winter night.

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