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1. Cru Cru Hybris , super nice to have the chance to chat with you! What first got you into music?

It all started with piano lessons at the age of 8 and a first band at 12. Back then Beanie and I were already in a band and we destroyed hi-fi loudspeaker with our guitars and keyboards.

2. Can you tell us a holiday of yours?

Since we have children, we tend to stay in Europe. There is still a lot to discover here. My favourite thing is to be in the sun and discover the country we are in.

3. What’s your favorite hobby?

At the moment, it's just music. All of us have kids and families, what can I say. We spend the rest of our free time in the studio making music.

4. Will you tell us something embarrassing about you?

There’s too much. That’s why we wear masks.

5. What’s the worst decade for music?

The 80s!!! I hate all these plastic sounds and the big 80s world-tour-bands.

6. What’s your favorite 80s artist?

In Germany at that time there was a big thing called "Neue Deutsche Welle" with many interesting acts. I was in love with Nena, in Austria Falco was big. And there were more punk-style bands like Die Ärzte or Die Toten Hosen, which I liked a lot.

7. Why The Hybris (name)?

We are politically interested people. The term hybris (or hubris) comes from the Greek tragedy and stands for 'exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, excess of ambition causing the transgressor's ruin'. Sometimes it feels like this 'hubris' is the headline for the life we are living as humanity right now.

8. How is your music experience going since birth?

As mentioned, we formed our first band at the age of 12. Then we did some cover bands, a first rock band with own songs, a popunk band, then a bit more hardcore style, all that kind of stuff. And today we make remote music and have been trying something new for 3 years now. Besides that, at least Beanie also plays live in a rock band. At least someone is trying to stay fit.

9. What’s your favorite album?

Oh there are so many. It depends on the decade we are talking about. I adore albums which mark a “turning point”, which create something new, at least to my ears. Brilliant examples are Toxicity by System Of A Down or the first Rage Against The Machine Album.

10. Do You agree with the Pigeon?

Yes and no. I agree with what you said about the Weezer albums, that’s spot on. I absolutely disagree with your criticism of Billy Talent! They make brilliant and unique music, one of my all-time favs :-)

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Words by The Pigeon

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