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1. Cru Cru MAD PAINTER , super nice to have the chance to chat with you! What first got you into music?

My parents tried to give me classical piano training from the age of five, I was also in a choir. By the age of 8, I quit, cause it just wasn't agreeing with me at the time.

I got into Rock'n'Roll at the age of 11 via The Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" and Uriah Heep "Look At Yourself".

2. Can you tell us a holiday memory of yours?

Holidays in the US are the days you get off work, like 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving. Holidays in the UK are vacations. When I was in school, they were known as summer breaks.

When we were in the Baltics in the summer of 1980, my dad bought a mono tape recorder, in hopes that I would learn English, it came with a microphone but also several mix tapes of what I thought at the time

was the best music in the world. Still do, in fact. And that, I suppose, is where my musical journey started.

3. What’s your favorite hobby?

My CD collection.

4 Will you tell us something embarassing about you?

Yes. I eat cookies after midnight.

5. What’s the best decade for music?

The 70s, hands down.

6. What’s your favorite movie?

Never Too Young To Rock, starring Mud and Rubettes. But also a horror flick, Blue Sunshine. It's a tossup.

7.What’s the best advice you ever gave?

Don't quit your day job. Well, I stole it from Ken Hensley actually.

8. How is your musosoup experience going?

GREAT! Lots of reviews thru MusoSoup for our first single, Illusion, and we're looking to create new campaigns for the second single and the upcoming album in the new year!

9. What’s your favorite 90’s album?

Can I have more than one?

Queen "Innuendo".

Black Sabbath "Dehumanizer".

Uriah Heep "Sea Of Light".

10. Do You agree with the Pigeon?

As long as the Pigeon doesn't crap on me. :-) :-)

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify.

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Words by The Pigeon

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