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1. Cru Cru Deep HYPER LION, super nice to have the chance to chat with you! What first got you into music?

My school offered guitar lessons, which seemed more fun than the recorder. The first chord I learned was A. I’ve also been known to whip out a D, if you know what I mean?

2. Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?

On the first day of a new job I’d been talking to a colleague when he leaned in for a hug, which I thought was weird but I went with it so as not to offend him. As we loosened our embrace I realised he had not been leaning in for a hug, but so he could reach over to put something in the trash can behind me. We barely spoke after that.

3. What’s your favorite color?

Some sort of earthy blue. Or burnt umber.

4. Will you tell us something cool about you?

I will! I got the highest mark in the country on my Music Technology exam. My teacher wanted me to re-take it to get full marks but I declined (because of how cool I am).

5. What’s the worst decade for music?

I couldn’t name you a single song from the 1910s. I could probably make one up though. Sweet Molly Mae by Chapero Bubkins.

6. What’s your favorite movie with lions?

That one where the lion wants to be king. I forget what it’s called.

7.What’s the best thing you ever did?

I carried a PA speaker that was slightly too heavy. Let me explain: I’d been invited to a show by a friend. A few weeks before I’d been carrying a speaker when the weight ruptured a tendon in my hand. My hospital physiotherapy appointment clashed with the show, so I had to pull out. Someone else took my place. Well, that person and my friend met and ended up getting married and having two kids. Every time I see a picture of them I think how two lives were created as a direct result of my improper carrying technique.

8. How is your music experience going?

Great! I do what I want, when I want. My band Pariis Opera House has had plenty of success. Of course I’m always waiting for the next hit, but I’ve achieved a lot.

9. What’s your favorite 2010’s album?

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes. It’s a mind-blowing achievement of arrangement, and somehow it’s better than their debut, which is a masterpiece. Special mention to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, which is one of the most impressive records of the last 20 years. There’s a lot of technical brilliance going on under the hood (or under the helmet I suppose).

10. Do You agree with the Pigeon?

How can I not? If I don’t you’ll peck my eyes out!!!

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Words by The Pigeon

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