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1. Cru Cru Carl Liungman, super nice to have the chance to chat with you! What first got you into music?

Thank you for having me! I started playing the piano as a kid. I took both Classical and Jazz piano lessons. Later on I studied music history at the university and courses in classical composition as well as music production. I started working as a bar pianist. This job gave me both improvisational and formal note training and experience I now value very much.

2. Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?

In my 20s I traveled all the way to Paris for a piano audition for a scholarship for an American Jazz school. My hands shaking the performance was crap. Due to my anxious state of mind in that harsh moment I played even the easiest songs worse than ever before and naturally was not approved. It was quite sad at that time but today I am proud of that young man having the guts to do the journey and audition all by himself.

3. What’s your favorite food?

Genuine Lebanese crispy falafel.

4 Will you tell us something embarassing about you?

Hard to point this out. Could be a moment when your friends have gone home from the bar and left you all alone staying keeping drinking. And then you leave by yourself for a club too drunk but does not feel as drunk as the security immediately find you. They ask you to go home and sleep. And you just get surprised because you haven’t noticed your behaviour at all the same way. A memory quite embarrasing to me.

5. What’s the best decade for music?

Is it even possible to point only one decade out? Then I say the 1990s.

6. What’s your favorite 90’s artist?

The Icelandic queen - Bjork

7.What’s the best advice you ever gave?

Be kind and understanding.

8. How is your musosoup experience going?

Great! Have given me many new connections and spread my music and me as an artist internationally.

9. What’s your favorite 70’s album?

I don’t have one. I recall some great songs but not entire album titles. I am more into other musical decades.

10. Do You agree with the Pigeon?

Don’t understand the question. What should I agree on?

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Words by The Pigeon

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