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Kete Bowers enchants us with "Blackwater"!

Black Water is introduced through effects that make us sink into a dark liquid while we absorb Kete Bowers' painful and extremely textured chords. "Settle down now, don't be afraid. It's just the rumble of the thunder" An extremely melancholic track that clings to life with all its might, despite being carried by an acoustic guitar that is truly pleasing to the ear and transcends us with soft notes. I also want to highlight the refinements brought by the piano and woodwinds that make this cinematic single acquire extremely cinematic properties. The vultures continue to prowl and the influences of Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, etc. continue to stand out in this absolutely exquisite depressive production with various shades of black and gray. Last but not least, all these aforementioned legends are merged and hidden behind the microphone in one artist: Kete Bowers, who finds himself in the trenches fighting for his life, while watching others drown in the black water.

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Words by The Pigeon

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