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Check out the new original EP by Fantømex: Chimera!

Fantømex open their EP by declaring a clone war and go straight in for the kill with extremely intense drums whose empty spaces are complemented perfectly by post-punk guitar work. I love the distorted refinements of this single, and the sultry vocals of Fantømex's leader sound as charismatic and catchy behind the microphone as Sleatter Kinney in their heyday!!! "I Declare A Clone War" exudes energy and a punk aura and asks us something uncomfortable to hear: Who smells our heart beating? So much magnetism in this banger's youthful, dark lyrics - he says he's a nice guy! And this opener never ceases to amaze! There's still room for monstrous performances, which only prove how multifaceted he is, despite being a cut of extremely volatile post - hardcore as edgy as Sonic Youth.

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