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Check out the new and original album by Clamber: "Places I Caught Myself Thinking"!

On this album by Clamber I want to draw your particular attention to the opener - "Italy". It features colorful, psychedelic indie riffs whose lyrical brilliance encapsulates the youthfulness associated with the roaring twenties, those years when you feel like a walking disaster and start to be conquered by cynicism, which I'm going through right now. On the other hand, the riffs of "Italy" are stupendously dynamic and capable of making the crowd feel nostalgic for iconic cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, etc. even though we've never set foot there. Like much of today's indie pop, Clamber are also catchy as hell, but unlike many other bands these artists acquire a unique personality through memorable tongue-rolling vocal games that remind me of college charisma coupled with the mannerisms and harmonies of Vampire Weekend. Last but not least, I want to value the soloist bridge that comes from memorable melodies presented earlier and the interspersed strings that create an infectious atmosphere on this higher education campus.

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