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1. First and foremost what got you into music?

We were both born into musical families in the American South. When we met, it was a natural fit. For us, music has always been a form of deep communication as well as an artistic expression. In retrospect, it seems we never really had a chance to live our lives quietly.

2. What’s the best decade for folk music?

The decade of the present – what is being made in the eternal now. Folk music is about speaking to timeless issues in human existence, drawing heavily on cultural histories, and speaking to current challenges with distilled wisdom.

3. What’s your favorite artist from the indie rock scene?

We respect Yo Lo Tengo’s ability to play independent original music together as a married couple with sounds and collaborators evolving over a lifetime. (Plus, singing drummers rock.) Same for Buddy/Julie Miller and Gillian Welch/David Rawlings.

4. What artists inspired you be a singer - songwriter?

For Brian, it was R.E.M. and Peter Buck’s rhythm guitar playing. Also, Tav Falco from Memphis for his art-first sideways rockabilly vibe. Regina decided to learn guitar and try to write songs after hearing Lucinda Williams’ poetic masterpiece Car Wheels on a Gravel Road.

5. How is your musosoup experience going?

We are enjoying working with people in this community and appreciate the collective uplift for independent music makers. Only wishing it had been around when we released our last independent record.

6. What’s your rock album of all time forever?

“All time forever” does not compute. Long live rock!

7. What is "day after dark" and why is it so heartwarming?

“day after dark” is a new album from our band, wishpenny. We have been playing together (and with collaborators) for over three decades. We love that you say it is heartwarming! Perhaps because the title track is a love song written and sung by Regina (drums) for her husband Brian (guitar). We also tried to infuse the entire album with optimism and uplift, even in the face of persistently discouraging realities.

8. Who is your inspiration and what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

We are inspired by each other and the many creative, clever, and caring people we are fortunate to have in our circles. Brian vanilla, Regina chocolate.

9. What’s the best movie of all time? Have you seen the Pixar short: Day and Night?

We enjoy documentaries and sci-fi. Just watched the short and that is so fantastic. Thank you for putting it in our path today!

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

TBD :)


Check out the new original album by Wishpenny: "day after dark"!

The single that gives the album its name stands out as an exceptionally soulful opener showcasing string work and an even softer female voice behind the microphone. Whispenny's vocal performance couldn't be more passionate and intimate, especially when accompanied by melodic touches of jazz in the background. In "day and night" Whispenny's vibrant, sparkling voice is like a ray of sunshine lighting the way, while the melodies take on darker textures like the night, equally beautiful in their own way, and which contrast brilliantly with the American star who offers us this introspective folk song.

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