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Check out the new original album by Solwater: "feel all the way"! In "Courage" delicate guitar chords give birth to this long dream by Solwater that promises to be epically introspective with the motto "We all need our courage now" at its core. The production of "feel all the way" appears to be immaculate in this duet that allows us to feel our hearts and their courage intensely. These strings coming from a pink moon are a delight to my ears and are ideal for sustaining this relationship that demands a lot of spirit and heart, where we have to gain self-esteem by opening our hearts to the light that we are. The voice of both musicians in "feel all the way" is as soft and glorious as if they were divine voices guiding us in the form of light. There's always victimization, but that's the love we've chosen. In short, Solwater presents us with a universal and timeless song with soothing melodies and devastating lyrics.

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