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-Cru cru, what first got you into music?-

Cru cru! There were a few musicians that got me into music. One of them was my mother, who was a lyricist. She wrote multiple pieces of lyrics and worked with other people to turn them into full songs. The fact that my own parent was in the music business for a bit definitely kickstarted me to attempt writing lyrics myself. Another one was the band Twenty One Pilots–especially Tyler Joseph. Twenty One Pilots were one of my first introductions to poetic, meaningful music. Tyler’s lyricism inspired me a lot, and I wanted to give writing songs a try because of him too. Lastly would be Ariana Grande. I’ve been an Ariana fan since her early days, and I was one of the listeners jamming out to old releases like “Put Your Hearts Up” and her “Victorious” songs, haha. I was obsessed with her singing and thought she sounded incredible. I used her as inspiration for becoming a singer myself in the beginning of my music days. I still think she’s one of the best vocalists out there in the current age.

-What or who is your inspiration to create music?-

I take inspiration from many sources, and it’s not just temporary either! I carry influence from others throughout the years as I grow as a musician. If I at one point am inspired by someone, that inspiration will forever stay with me and affect my music process in one way or another. If I had to pick one musician, though, I would choose Grimes. Her style of music is so unique–”Art Angels” and “Visions,” especially, are some of my favorite albums ever–and she’s the one who inspired me to learn music production in the first place. Then there’s also that inner natural drive I have that inspires me to create music; that drive is both artistic and social. Artistically, I just have to create art in some way…art is a fascinating, powerful expression of the human heart and mind, and it’s amazing to be able to communicate something to the world in this unique way without using words. Socially, I’ve always wanted to be something and make an impact on people in a positive way. It’s really encouraging when you read from others that your music helps them in their life and that they look forward to hearing your future work…these reactions to my releases make it all worth it. It pushes me to get through the hard moments and focuses me on getting my music done and out.

-How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?-

The internet has impacted the music business in many ways. The most positive thing is that you don’t need to be signed under a huge label to get any attention anymore. The internet has made it so that everyone can be discoverable now. Some people may think that this has resulted in oversaturation, but I disagree. I think that it allows different kinds of styles of music and subcultures to be developed; so now there’s truly something out there for everyone, and you don’t have to exclusively tune in to MTV, or go to a bunch of underground concerts or something to find new tunes to listen to. Songs to listen to–especially from small artists who often lack resources that big artists have–are just a click-of-a-button away. That’s a good situation for both consumers and indie artists. Another change I have noticed–specifically when it comes to the huge growth of social media over the last decade or so–is that celebrities don’t have that same “mystique” and notoriety that they used to. Obviously they’re celebrities and they’ll still have packs of fans waiting for them, but I mean that they’re now more reachable and treated slightly more like regular people in a way. We also now have what are called “influencers” in the current times, which can blur the line of who is exactly a celebrity and who is not. This is just a neutral observation to me…I have no idea how the ember of celebrity fizzling out will affect the music business in the future, but I’m interested in seeing that development. The internet has also generally just offered more ways to promote music and reach potential fans. One of the only downsides I can think of when it comes to the internet is that buying albums has taken the backseat in favor of streaming. Streaming, while convenient, does not pay musicians too well. We definitely have to work something out with the streaming companies for better pay…especially for small artists, as they get screwed over the most. I’m looking at you, Spotify, with your dumb, new rule of musicians not getting paid for their streams until their songs hit 1,000 plays. Anyways, if you’re a music consumer reading this, please buy music and merchandise from your favorite artists whenever you’re able to; it really helps a lot.

-Will you tell us something embarrassing about you?-

I have many embarrassing things about myself, haha. One thing is that I’m painfully shy. I have to psyche myself up just to make any phone call or message someone new! I’m the type of person who doesn’t know what to do with myself when just walking past another human on the street or other similar situations, and I try to look “natural” but I end up looking awkward because I’m trying too hard to be natural… And I often avoid people in general even though I do technically have an inner desire to socialize, LOL. I’ve simply been that way for most of my life. I sometimes say to myself that I’m dog software running on cat hardware…but I’m also a bit of an alien. So does that make me an alien cat-dog?

-How is your perfect day?-

My perfect day… Well, for one, my perfect day would start with me not being bothered by any health issues. As someone with multiple disabilities, some being dealt with for many years already, life can get pretty exhausting. So if those would disappear or at least tone down to a very low and unnoticeable level, that would truly already be perfect. Another part of my perfect day would be me having a lot of inspiration for songwriting and producing, and getting down some perfect recordings! Usually music creation can be a bit of a bumpy road, but on some days, the creation process just flows so smoothly. I would love for more days like that. I can’t think of too many more details. My perfect day really would be just a healthy, happy, creative one for me and my loved ones!

-What memorable responses have you had to your work so far?-

Some of the most memorable responses to my work have been people basically confirming that they use my music in real life. From comfort, to studying, to dancing, to using it to pass time on flights…it’s very fulfilling to know that people enjoy my music enough to incorporate it in their daily lives somehow. It’s a really flattering experience! That’s what I've always wanted as a musician.

-Do you see yourself as a music nerd?-

I would say so! I’m probably not the most knowledgeable or nerdy person out there, but I try to sit down and listen to new things (especially albums) as often as I can; anything from iconic, known music to very small artists who deserve more recognition…and I try to branch out and listen to various genres as well, though metal, rock, and electronic are my favorite. I like exploring all the different kinds of songs out there I can possibly listen to, as well as learning the stories behind those songs if I can. Music is just my whole life!

-What album do you replay the most?-

I usually switch around the albums I replay most. Currently, I think my most replayed album lately has been “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge” by My Chemical Romance. I think it’s such a perfect and unique-sounding rock album; a masterpiece, honestly. The ending track especially is pretty incredible and one of my favorite songs in their whole discography. And everything about the album is fantastic–all the members are so talented–but Gerard Way always gives an awesome, emotive vocal performance. I strive to be as theatrical and emotional in my own songs someday too.

-What's your favorite movie?-

Hmm, it’s hard to choose just one! I really like “Mean Girls,” as well as “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” Ooh, and “Howl’s Moving Castle” is a great film as well. Those are probably my top three, though if I could squeeze in one more, “Tangled” is another one I really like too.

-Do you agree with the Pigeon?-

Cru cru, of course I do! The Pigeon is rad and I appreciate the interview.


"Selene of the Night" creates an epic mystical environment in which a realm of nocturnal magic is located. On this fateful night, a school of magical creatures is being invaded by the dark force. This dark force is propelled by skeletal skin and bone beats and unsettling synthesizers that remind me of Demons Days or Lavender Town. "Selene of the Night" is spellbinding cinema! Then there are the enchanting vocals of a deity who appears to have omnisicnent, omnipotent and omnipresent powers that are based on something similar to synth pop whose melodies become much more progressive and bewitching!

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