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1. Hey, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. First and foremost what got you into music?

- I grew up listening to music. My dad could play guitar and was a very good country singer, and my mom was one heck of a dancer. So music was everywhere, be it rock'n'roll or country. When I was about 11 I discovered Micheal Jackson and James Brown, and when I saw the latter I knew that's what I wanted to do.

2. What’s your favorite 80’s artist?

- Good question. It depends on how you define an 80's artist but my guts tells me it's Bowie. He was one of those guys who invented the 80's sound. I gotta go with him. And yeah, he's a hero of mine, so...

3. What’s your scariest experience?

- I don't tend to be scared that easily. A couple of ladrones, thieves, tried to mug me in Mexico. But I just went cold, thought straight and got myself out of that situation. But it's probably the scariest one I've been in.

4. Do you consider yourself a music - nerd?

- Oh yes! One of my friends wrote a master on the effect on how you play the bass. Is it different with a pick or with the fingers? And I thought "how can you write 120 pages about that?" But I found it very interesting. Oh, and I love music-quizzes! I love all sorts of music and know a lot about it. And I try keeping up with what's going on at the moment. I know everybody's tired of "Flowers" by Miley, but I still love that song!

5. Have you ever taught or mentored another musician?

- Yes. Either at work or in the studio. I've been a guitar teacher, and I've had a lot of young talents in my studio, so I try to help them out with everything from arrangements to promotion, and give them tips. And I ran a big teenage choir once.

6. What’s your favorite 90’s artist?

- You're putting me on the spot. I love so many artists, but if you were to ask a younger one it would be Michael Jackson.

7. Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?

- I always remember people's faces, but names... Sometimes I even forget my brother's names! So I have this trick, to make them introduce themselves to somebody I know, but they don't. I probably have more cringe experiences, but I let 'em go, and therefore don't remember. What's done is done, now move on.

8. What’s your favorite 00’s artist?

- That's easy, it's Shakira. I'm a huge fan of this very intelligent short colombian. Not just because she has a very recognizable voice, but she writes a lot of her songs, she's an awesome businesswoman, and a heck of a dancer!

9. Will you tell us something embarrassing about you?

- No? This week my body kinda broke down, my hand hurt like crazy and my shoulder. So putting on a shirt or taking a shower was almost impossible!

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

- Well, if it's logical and ethical - of course I do!

"Here and Now" is an emotionally satisfying song underpinned by powerful piano keys. In this ballad more is less and Robert Vendetta melodically only needs the synergy between these heavy keys and explosive percussion! On the other hand, the lyrics about staring at the sun and smelling flowers stimulate the senses and reach energy levels that burst the nostalgia containers. This minimalist vocal performance is full of soul and couldn't be more inspiring.

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify. You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases!

Words by The Pigeon

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