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Check out the new original album: "Silent CLoud" by Reginiano!

This album opens with an absolutely fascinating track: "Home Again"! "Home Again" reminds me a lot of Björk, in the sense that it's an angelic and divine piece! I feel like I'm hearing a voice from the clouds! Later, organic percussion and Celtic strings are added to this glimmering cinematic universe that reminds me of the Middle Ages or Skypiea (a city in the clouds from One Piece). I must emphasize that the voice that emanates estrogen so naturally in this song is absolutely GORGEOUS! "Home Again" also features trotting percussion and takes on epic qualities that make it sparkle and shine in all directions. Last but not least, I want to highlight, once again, this omniscient voice that sleeps in my bed and these very delicate strings that make me dream in the clouds. In short, "Home Again" is an absolutely fabulous opener with exquisite and luxurious harmonies in a historical epic that deserves to be praised for its magical pianos, its glory and, last but not least, its artistic voice that leaves us in a trance!

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