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In "Scars" we entrust our secret to the moon knight that is Proklaim. His delivery is as nasal and explosive as Kendrick Lamar's, but on "Scars" Prokalim couldn't sound more haunting. This rapper asks us to be strong, to expose our weaknesses, because if we dive deep and show him our wounds, then he promises to reveal his. Proklaim briefly abandons his characteristic Afrobeat, and the skeletal nocturnal beat here is as psychedelic as it gets! In "Scars" this devil is still forced to sell his soul to the highest bidder, since money rules the world and women. This MC's diction is from another planet and Proklaim is so much more focused on this anti-government, anti-capitalist banger that I have to confess that "Scars" is a thunderbolt that can't be bought for any amount of gold.

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