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Cru cru Porter, super nice to have the chance to chat with you.





What first got you into music?


Clearly the desire to be able to do exactly what our great idols on the stages of this world showed us when we were teenagers. We are all incredible fans of music and are convinced that life without music is pointless and unimaginable. So I think you can't help but make music yourself when you're so passionate about it. Yes, well, and when most of us were 16 and started out like that, it was just cool to hang out with your friends between all the instruments that we couldn't really play yet.

What is "Tax Free Hollows" and why does it go so hard?


The song is the first single after our 6-year forced break and opens the world of "Genosha", the fictional universe in which all the songs on the album are set. "Genosha" has a basic lyrical concept that runs through all the songs. We are aware of what a fragile world we live in and that, for example, an intact environment, social coexistence and democracy are not God-given, but must be defended again and again against increasingly strong totalitarian and fascist tendencies. Basically, we shed light in different ways on the question of what kind of world we want to live in and how far each and every one of us has to go in order to be able to change something for the better at our own level. So our lyrics can certainly be understood politically. And to answer your question: we simply have to answer all these questions that are currently being asked with louder and sometimes heavier music.


In a blinded kingdom the one who as an eye is king?


You could say that, but it falls short, in my opinion. We need far fewer kings, basically none at all, no matter how many eyes we have. People should be allowed to experience much more education overall, then they will also need fewer "leaders".


Do you consider yourself a music - nerd?


Everyone in the band - and there are now six very different people in the band - is completely crazy about music. Everyone has their own specialism, but of course we overlap in certain bands and musical genres. And yes - we are complete music nerds. Conversations about music, when we really dare to talk about it, can sometimes get out of hand.




What’s your favorite artist from the 90's grunge scene?


Here, too, each of us probably has different heroes. From the mainstream, bands like the Foo Fighters, Placebo, Tool or Paradise Lost are certainly very important, but you can never break that down to a single act. We cover a range that starts with metal, punk and hardcore, continues with darkwave, post-punk and gothic stuff and doesn't stop with indie and folk music.


Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?


The worst memory of our band history is certainly the phase within the last 6 years. We had already finished writing all the songs for the new album and had already recorded most of them when a stroke of fate virtually took us out of the running for years. We were condemned to inactivity for a relatively long time until we fought our way out of it again with a lot of energy and willpower over the course of the last year. But hey, our hunger to finally be able to release all the songs and present them live is all the greater.


How do you feel the Internet has impacted the rock business?


Well, that's pretty simple. It democratises the business. We come from the 90s, when you still had to stick tapes on and send them by letter to organisers and magazines. You phoned or - seriously - even faxed them to communicate. Record companies ripped you off because they could and were the gatekeepers you couldn't get past.  You had to pay huge sums of money to studios that didn't produce what you actually wanted. Today you have all the tools in the world in your own hands and are free from all these constraints. It's a lot of work, but it means artistic and economic freedom.


What’s your favorite movie?


You don't seriously think we could agree on a single film as a band, do you? The "Life of Brian" is absolutely always possible.


Do you sing in the shower? If yes, what songs?


Since when do rock musicians shower?




Do you agree with the Pigeon?


Wer würde nicht mit der Pigeon übereinstimmen?




"Tax Free Hollows" opens with crushing riffs that easily become dystopian in a society where the worst blind man is the one who doesn't want to see! The synergy between the different members in this hardcore single is absolutely killer, as the intense drums and guitars together create a relentless wall. The hook of "Tax Free Hollows" (cut - paste - collect - waste) criticizes the lack of originality and repetition present in this society that is stuck in a conveyor belt!!! Last but not least, the electrifying bridge stands out with virtuoso guitar lines that bring Porter's work to the next level of alternative rock.

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