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1. Hey PK, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. What first got you into music?

Hey Pidgeon, likewise. I really like what you’ve done with the bread.

I got into music through a healthy mixture of going to school in the sketchy part of town, being surrounded by a lot of people who would rather hold rap battles in the park than go to class, music running in my genes (both my parents used to be in a band) and just the organic teenage interest in the music culture/scene. My mom actually still sings, super proud of her.

2. Are u listening to any 2022 record often?

Dude I’m a total obsessive listener. Once I find a song, I’ll play it to shreds. I’m talking 200+ plays in a couple of days. The last ones I did this to we’re Horror Dance Squad - Ego Death and MGK & glaive - more than life.

3. What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

Willingness to take the backseat once in a while defines people who belong in the front. I think I have that. I think the energy is just right to be honest. I try to listen to others as much as possible. Not saying I’ll do everything they say but I’ll take in a lot. I’m not shy about sharing very personal emotions which people like I guess because everyone has felt like that in their own way. I’m willing to try new things, genres I never touched etc. Sheesh this is a very ego stroking question haha.

4. Do you listen to podcasts?

Not really. When I’m alone and not in a conversation with someone, there’s just always something going on with sound involved so I don’t really have a moment to be like “ok I’ll throw this on”. And there’s not much interest either. I know there are a lot of good ones out there but it’s just not my thing.

5. What’s your favorite sport?

I used to play basketball for like 10 years. Then I lost the ability to do that kind of activities via life sending a merry old stroke.

After that I got really into football too. It’s all couch sport though. I watch the NBA and the Premier League. Other sports are kind of “meh” to me. Oh and I’m a pro bowler. There’s proof of that on my IG, I urge everyone to come to class.

6. What’s the best advice you ever gave?

I’ll probably never know that because there’s no way of telling how important or not important an idea could be. I could have said a random thought and it changed someones life. Or had a deep monologue about existence that nobody cared for. That’s the surreal part of life - we never know. I think we should just say stuff out, all of our thoughts have the potential to be amazing to someone or something in this infinite trip. Maybe that is the best advice? We don’t know and that’s the beautifully tragic part.

7. How is your musosoup experience going?

I’m generally not a big soup person but this I kind of enjoy. Needs more meat though.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

English for sure. That was the only one I didn’t suck at. I remember the teacher wanted me to take the national exam for it so bad to bring up the schools average or something and I was like “nah I’ll just do the school one” just to be a little rebel punk. Fight the power, right? Years later I still went in to do the national too. Also geography was pretty awesome. Ironic how I’m so unorganized and confused in my navigation now.

9. What are you focussing on right now?

Waves. The predestined soundwaves. It’s always been soundwaves but I grew numb, lost and distant from fear, questionable choices and the lack of will. But I see and hear them more clearly now than I ever have. I just hear everything. Except when someone is talking to me.

10. Do You Agree with the Pigeon?

It’s actually believed that the Pigeon was the very first and singular entity I ever agreed with.

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Words by The Pigeon

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