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1.You guys are obviously all superb musicians. Tell us about what each of you plays and what your influences are.

nasmore- Thank you much! I'm a songwriter and music producer. I play piano, and I am learning to play guitar. My influences are quite wide but selective at the same time. I'm a big fan of Imagine Dragons, Hans Zimmer, Billie Eilish, Tommee Profitt, and Pink Floyd.Neil Taylor- I sing and play guitar on Welcome to the Hell. I was mainly influenced by the '70s. T-Rex, Slade, David Bowie, and Deep Purple, to name a few.

La Strange- I play piano and a little bit of guitar (not great at it, thou 🙂). I took my first piano lessons at 13 and started singing at 17. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and Motown, but at 15, I met rock and metal, and that was love at first sight. I like classic rock&blues stuff (Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Kiss...) Whatever brings melody and powerful performances. On the metal side, I like classic metal bands like the Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Pantera... and as a kid, I've listened to crossover and new metal (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Placebo). I actually listen to every kind of music, from Jazz to industrial metal. I think that to improve as a musician, it's important to listen to all3 kinds of stuff out there.

2. You can learn from any style despite your personal taste.What's your ideal gig?

Neil Taylor- A gig where people show up. Haha. It's as simple as that. If the show has good attendance, then it makes for a better experience all around.nasmore- I can't argue with Neil here. But let's assume we've got good attendance there, and then I would love to throw one big gig with every musician I ever collaborated with.

La Strange- Depends on the style I'm playing. If I'm doin' rock, I like rock clubs atmosphere with loud volumes and people jumping and singing. If I'm singing Jazz or quiet stuff, I like doin' theatres and having a sitting audience who is just listening and hopefully appreciating what I'm delivering.

3. What can the fans expect from you in the next 12 months?

nasmore- new music, of course! And new merch and even new fan club membership opportunities where we will have something cool to share.

Neil Taylor- It's early days, but in the immediate future, there will be more well-crafted songs that resonate with people.

La Strange - I'm writing my new EP after a long time break. Not sure if it will be done in 12 months but working on it.We love the passion in your studio recordings.

4. What can fans expect from your live show?

Neil Taylor- To be honest, we haven't thought that far ahead yet. Let's see how the next year shapes up.nasmore- yes, I second that.

5. What is your favourite song to perform, and why?

nasmore- "Safe in my Dreams." Every time I play it, I feel I have a new different version. It's been endless so far. I don't really know how to explain it.

La Strange - I got several, actually, but if I have to pick one, I would say Me and Bobby Mcgee (Janis Joplin). I like the passion of this song, and every time I sing it, I can get completely into it and fly to another dimension.

6. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

nasmore- I think Neil is too shy to answer this. So I'll take it. He collaborated with every superstar on this planet, and it's a long list starting with Tina Turner and ending with Metallica. As for me, I would love to collaborate with many. I feel I have plenty to add and share. But if you'd ask for a name, it would be Imagine Dragons.

La Strange- Would love to record duets with David Coverdale, Rob Halford, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), and Paul Stanley. You've collaborated with other artists on some of your music. Tell us how that comes about.

7. How do you find people to work with?

nasmore- For a starter, there are lots of resources you can find talent to collaborate with. Then as time goes on, you meet more and more artists, and they find you. I think one key lesson about collaborations everyone must learn is that collaboration is not a competition. Make sure you listen to your collaborators.

8. How's the weather where you are at the moment?

Regina has even reached the BBC news with its wind chill!A month ago, I would agree. But today, I will answer you with this: "Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated"- Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens). It's +5C here today. Yeah, it gets chilly here because there's nothing to stop the wind. But then people say it will result in population growth later this year.

9. What is the best career advice you've ever been given?

"Make sure people know where you are heading. It will make it easier to follow you.

10. And the worst…?!

Haha. The worst one I've ever heard was- "It's OK."

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