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1. Hey Mike By Name, super nice to have the chance to chat with you again! First and foremost what got you into music?

Hey Pedro! Nice to chat. I've always been into music since as long as I can remember. Listening and celebrating around music was a big part of my family. My grandmother was a club singer in her day, and my dad's music taste he gave to me.

2. Can you describe a live show that inspired you?

I saw Prince in 2014 and it was everything you hear about and expect from him, may he rest in power. He had an eleven piece horn section on stage for the first few songs. He had crazy cool guest artists, he danced, he plays keys, he DJ'd, he played impossibly badass guitar solos, did two encores, and when most everyone left the place and the lights came back on he came back out with his band and played one more instrumental heavy jam and we rushed the floor to get to the front of the stage.

3. Do you see yourself as a groovy person?

I'm always grooving, indeed. You can't play music without a groove, even if you're making ambient drone music.

4. What do you like about the guitar as an instrument?

The guitar is portable and the patterns appeal to my alligator brain.

5.What's the best rock / guitar driven album of all of al time?

Jimi Hendrix - The Band of Gypsys

6. Which psychedelics would you recommend me?

Psychedelics as in drugs? Zero. I wouldn't ever recommend anyone ever take a mind altering chemical because everyone needs to make that decision for themselves. I've taken mushrooms a handful of times in my life, and while it was stimulating and interesting, I don't really feel like it has had a big impact on my artistry or ability in music.

7. Is nostalgia the best decade for rock music?

Well if you look at the Billboard Hot 100 on what is called rock music in 2023 I would say it's a bit confusing.

8. Do you listen to alternative music in your spare time?

I listen to a ton of music. These are the latest albums I've been listening to: The Purge by DRKWAV, Tonight The Stars Revolt by Powerman 5000, Preservation by Wu-Tang Clan, Bone Machine by Tom Waits, Iii (Temples Of Boom) Cypress Hill, Return to Forever by Chick Corea.

9. Why people should listen to your new release: "The Vibe Operator" instead of an already certified classic like "Smooth Operator"?

If I was listening to Smooth Operator by Sade I wouldn't think to listen to the Vibe Operator because aside from the word "Operator" they have almost zero in common musically speaking.

10. Do agree with the Pigeon?

Do I agree with the Pigeon? Not sure I understand the question. I live in NYC. There are a lot of pigeons here. Most of them are agreeable I suppose.


"The Vibe Operator" promises to start a vibe right from the first second, whether it's from harmonious barbershop chants. This single, smoother than my freshly shaved legs, wins me over with its grooves! The grooves coming from the six strings establish a synergy with the dynamic percussion and chunky bass, creating a melody that is impossible to resist. This slick single is ideal for kicking it with the alternative crowd with its psychedelic color palette. It also features guitar solos that build melodic bridges and nostalgia with absolutely incredible ease! This group bounces their music around as they please, while we're also bouncing around with an energy that's infectious as hell and, above all, funky!

The Pigeon added a single from her to his Monthly Gems playlist on Spotify. You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases!

Words by The Pigeon

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