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Check out the original album: "Patterns"!

"Treehouse" is a short animated film made using doodles with symbolic wild elements: treehouse, leaves, compass, etc. The art style is truly enchanting! Distorted sounds create the empty space where Martin Callingham's meticulous guitar work can shine. "Treehouse" is a very luminous piece of work that seems to me to be inspired by the surreal work of James Mercer, who has defined indie generations, but Callingham's voice is much more restrained, and therefore more melancholic. We're all lost and "Treehouse" couldn't be more existentialist. It's a song that does more with less by clearing its cobwebs with a sword. Loneliness is the most present feeling, but we always have the company of birds. The writer's block is also present, while the contrast between light-filled melodies and more obtuse epic sounds recalls the work of Belle and Sebastian. The film ends with the arrival of another lost traveler and everything indicates that they will keep each other company.

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