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Rumbling synthesizers prepare the introduction of violent distorted strings and an exceptional synergy is established in "Empty Bottles". An alcoholic banger that reveals a serious and urgent performance behind the microphone! "You can do anything that you want if you really wanto to!" Failure is important, because learning from mistakes is essential to developing your project and/or your person. "No more empty bottles on your mind!!!" The bombastic production of these empty bottles is associated with garage and contrasts perfectly with Mad Painter's more retro melodic sound. Mad Painter is as charismatic as Gruff Rhys, especially when he goes for the neo - psychedelic highs, and "Empty Bottles" manages to be as catchy as any SFA single, with a phenomenal solo in the middle that recaptures the best that nostalgic blues has to offer. "TRY ONE MORE TIME". Like SFA, Mad Painter sounds futuristic and nostalgic at the same time and I love it!

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