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"Half Awake" immediately wins me over with an electrifying guitar that establishes a memorable synergy with constant drums. Later, the hushed male vocals of Luna Waves emerge from behind the microphone and join this alcoholic dream with reddish textures. The strings are the perfect support and swing so that this performance can sway in a washed-out shoegaze that always brings me back to your shores. The verse that reminds us that memories can't be changed couldn't be more poetic in any way, and it's impossible not to think of it when I'm transcending into the psychedelic dream of Lunar Waves. The guitars are washed out and nostalgic, just like the memories we're trying to forget or even change as we watch our lives go backwards. In short, "Half Awake" is the embodiment in music of that embarrassing event from years and years ago that won't let you fall asleep when you put your head on the wrong side of the pillow.

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