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"Panta Rhei" displays a bombastic and euphoric production that seems to come from a purple and sensual filter! Psychedelic liquids drip like my sweat as I vibrate to Kmalectro's sound, as the electronics couldn't be more dynamic! The repetition of "Pantha Rhei" is progressive and Kmalectro presents us with another euphoric banger. The mega-catchy components of this electronic melody are calculated, but somehow manage to sound unpredictable!!! Eventually, this fascinating artist takes us off the dance floor and into an arcade where we can play modern challenges like geometry dash or DUAL. It feels like I'm on board a spaceship and the music video gives me a constant feeling of helplessness, as if I'm falling out of the sky after my rocket has entered a psychedelic space wormhole, since I have to go with the flow!!!!

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