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1, Cru cru John Conlin, I already know that your father's 6 stack CD player got you into music, so how are you today?

Hey there, I’m doing alright! It’s been a super busy start to the year, so I’ve been a running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but I’m relishing in the moment, haha!

2. You learned to play piano at a very young age. Can you give us examples of music tastes that playing piano made you develop?

I grew up playing a lot of classical music, so naturally, I feel like I gravitate towards pop music that has a more melodic arch to it. I don’t really like stuff that’s got a one note chorus; I live for movement and drama.

3. What favorite songs of yours were playing on the pop radio when you were 11 years old?

My fav songs on the radio at the time were “Need You Now” by Lady A, “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz, “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, and “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn.

4. What is garageband and why was is it so important to you when you started to create music?

Garageband is a basic music digital audio workstation software that comes with preinstalled on macs. It pretty barebones, but you can use it to make beats, arrange synths, records vocals and guitars. It was the only music making software I knew about when I was younger and I used it to arrange the first songs I ever wrote.

5. Can you takes us to through the thought process that went on in your head when creating a tune as epic as "Love Me Just A Little"?

I wanted to capture that universal feeling of “wanting to be wanted”. I found myself going on so many first dates and thinking I made good connections only to be consistently told “oh, sorry, I don’t want anything serious” or “I’m just looking for something casual”. I wanted to take that lonely hours feeling at put it into a big, banging pop/rock song.

6. What's your favorite album from Queen?

A Night at the Opera. It has my fav song, “Love of My Life” on it.

7. Which song has been stuck in your head lately?

“Exes” by Tate McRae. It’s so freaking catchy and I can’t get it out of my head.

8. Can you recommend us more "stupid" movies like "Hot and Heavy" that you like to watch?

“Mean Girls”, “There’s Something About Mary”, “Legally Blonde”.

9. Are you a certified fan of The Weeknd or Michael Jackson?

Love them both, but Michael Jackson’s always gonna have my heart first.

10. Will you agree with the pigeon a second time?

I will, but I can’t guarantee if I will a third time, haha.


"Love Me Just A Little" is John Conlin's stupendous new single and features extremely fast, intense drums that fit like a glove with the infectious, energetic pop that Conlin has accustomed us to. His voice is close to The Weeknd's, especially in the sense that it's quite intense, revealing a natural gift for showmanship in dark verses like ("Lonely nights, I wanna give in"). "Love Me Just A Little" also uses a mesmerizing atmospheric blue filter, which contrasts perfectly with electronic melodies that couldn't be more epic or captivating. John Conlin's new hit thus becomes a very interesting experience of contrasts with an absolutely exceptional hook that refuses to leave our heads because it is so infectious and memorable!!!

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