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"Go Grandma" is born in the cradle of piano keys that promise a truly emotional ballad, but surprise of surprises... a bombastic beat from the streets contrasts with the delicate notes and flows of a grateful grandchild. The chorus - "Go Grandma! Go Grandma!" - is not only extraordinarily infectious, but is accompanied by funky percussion!!! "Go Grandma" supports senior citizens and it's impossible not to imagine a granny in her walker showing off all her nostalgic dance moves from another era on the dance floor! This thank you in the form of music eventually turns into a minimalist electronic banger that sometimes reminds me of the iconic Daft Punk, and last but not least, this euphoric track reminded me of my grandmother who passed away a few years ago after being a victim of dementia for many years, and I still miss the colorful way she looked at life and the way she strongly marked my childhood. Go hug your grandma!

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