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The initial alarms of "Mother's Angry" announce the state of war and the bombardment that Gary Dranow is about to launch in this song in which Mother Nature is angry with our pollution and this unfortunate series of disasters that occur outside our territorial perimeter, but which affect us and all of humanity. I love these electrifying guitars that go to infinity and beyond and, here, Gary Dranow's voice is more powerful than ever! I also want to highlight the synergy and nostalgia that these brief guitar solos demand in this meticulous finger work that is at its peak and even reaches that level of adrenaline that I only find in Judas Priest. Entire cities burn and turn to ash, while the drums are clouds that fill with electricity and thunder like lightning when the guitars are unleashed. I feel that in this musical hurricane that is "Mother's Angry", Gary Dranow and company have managed to encapsulate lightning in a bottle!

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