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Gary Dranow's "Jimi's Song" is born of instantly memorable guitar riffs that sound familiar to the ear and bounce around like the boy depicted in the beginning of this song. Later, in an amusing innuendo a woman asks to the boy if he is experienced? But he confesses that he has never... heard Jimmy Hendrix.

I love the fact that Gary Dranow has dedicated a song of his career in order to pay tribute to an artist as magnificent and legendary as Jimi Hendrix! In this tribute Gary Dranow 's vocal performance and guitar establishes a fascinating symbiosis with extremely dynamic drums and you can clearly feel Gary Dranow's passion for Hendrix's mesmerizing catalogue. Last but not least, it would be a crime not to mention the major highlight on "Jimi's Song": the psychedelic wall at 3:30 that takes us to infinity and beyond!

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