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Using a festive upbeat melody, "I'm a Man" presents itself as a triumphantly cartoony and folksy single whose harmonica establishes an infectious synergy with energetic drums. The lips of the harmonica player conquer us with an electrifying and contagious disease: village dance fever.

The traditional instruments typical of the village are complemented by the versatile and efficient rock that Gary has always accustomed us to. We fell into the wrong crowd in rebellious verses that take us into the bad life with electrifying bridges and solos! I'd also like to highlight the revolutionary, boyish energy that permeates every corner of this odyssey in which we got married for the wrong reasons. Last but not least, like Jax Teller in Sons Of Anarchy, Gary Dranow's anti-heroic character can't seem to escape illegal temptations and even commits crimes, but he still deserves our empathy because we identify with his human virtues.

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