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"Black Coal Lung" - opens with American desert guitars that promise to be the essence of this track, as they support and create a central solitary atmosphere that allows us to hear Gary Dranow's thoughts. In turn, the refinements coming from the harmonica add immense personality to this pioneering music. In the movies of "Black Coal Lung" we have extremely physical and lonely work in the mines and can only drown the sorrows of our dark skies in alcohol. Depression is real and the sky is always black for us, as we feel exiled while the children play in the shadows.  It would be remiss of me not to appreciate Dranow as a highly descriptive narrator who displays natural qualities to carry this track almost single-handedly, as he seems to be really feeling the song. Then, in "Black Coal Lung", we're hanging on for dear life as we cling to the desperate solo that follows, almost like an S.O.S.!!! The riffs coming from our ravine don't reach anyone and we're on the edge of life in this particularly spiritual track.

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