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Hey there! Thanks for having me back, it's always great to chat with you. So, about your

question regarding the face-melting guitars of "Chaos" - I totally get where you're coming

from. Those guitars can really pack a punch! But don't worry, your face won't actually melt

because of them. It's just a figure of speech to describe how intense and electrifying the

music is. So, feel free to crank up the volume and enjoy the rockin' tunes without any fear of

facial damage!

Do you believe in order without chaos?

Yes, I do believe in order without chaos. Think of it this way - imagine a well-organized room

where everything has its place. That's order. Now, chaos would be if everything was

scattered around randomly, making it hard to find anything. So, yes, I definitely think order

can exist without chaos. It's all about putting things in their right place and making sense of

the world around us.

Which music release from 2024 have you checked out so far?

I've checked out a bunch of music releases from 2024, and let me tell you, there are so

many interesting ones! From pop to rock to hip-hop, there's something for everyone. I've

been keeping my ears open and exploring different genres to see what catches my attention.

It's been a fun journey discovering new tunes and artists.

Do you have a turntable where you like to play your favorite records from fron to back or do

use streaming? Which method do you like to use in order to listen to music?

I love listening to music, and I enjoy using both methods! Sometimes I use my turntable to

play my favorite records from start to finish. It's a nostalgic experience, and I love the warm

sound it brings. Other times, I use streaming services to explore new music or listen to

playlists. It's convenient and gives me access to a wide range of songs. So, it really depends

on my mood and what I'm in the mood for!

What's the best advice you ever gate to a fellow musician?

The best advice I've ever given to another musician is to stay true to yourself and your

unique style. It's easy to get caught up in trying to mimic others or follow trends, but the real

magic happens when you embrace your own voice and let your authenticity shine through in

your music. Trust your instincts, keep honing your craft, and never be afraid to take risks and

explore new ideas. That's where you'll find your true artistic expression and connect with

your audience on a deeper level.

What’s the biggest accomplishment you have made with your career to this point?

The biggest thing I've done in my career so far is getting my music out there and seeing

people love it. From my first album, "Destiny Road," to my latest one, the new EDM songs,

it's been amazing to see the positive response from fans. It feels great to know that my

music is reaching and connecting with so many people.

What are you focusing on right now? Are you already thinking about your next single?

Right now, I'm really focused on my music. I've got plenty of ideas swirling around in my

head, and I just can't seem to take a break from it. As for my next single, you bet I'm already

thinking about it! You'll be hearing a new one from me very soon.

What film stayed with you the most in your whole life so far?

The film that really stuck with me the most has to be "Forrest Gump." It's not just because it's

a great story, but because it teaches some really important lessons about life, love, and the

power of staying true to yourself. Plus, Forrest's journey through so many historical moments

really made me think about the bigger picture of life and how we're all connected in some


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music that you want to mention to the

people reading at home?

Sure! Besides music, I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially hiking in the mountains. I

find it refreshing and it helps me clear my mind. I also like reading books on various topics,

from science fiction to history. Additionally, I have a passion for cooking and experimenting

with different recipes in the kitchen. These hobbies keep me balanced and bring joy to my

life outside of music.

Do you agree with the Pigeon?

Well, when it comes to music, I think it's more about personal taste. What I might like, the

Pigeon might not, and vice versa. So, I don't really "agree" or "disagree" with the Pigeon on

music. We all have our own preferences, and that's what makes music so interesting.


In "Chaos" Gary Dranow swaps the virtuosity and electricity of his guitars for a more intimate track, but just as powerful in its message - "in chaos' dance the truth still beams" - the guitar work here is less elaborate than Dranow has been used to recently, but that elaboration is replaced by crushingly epic riffs desperate for unity between different nations and willing to fight for freedom!

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