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Soft beats and delicate guitar chords start Gary Dranow's song - "Bodywise" - about little girls who don't fit into society, and about a mother who watches her children play and sees them living a nostalgic childhood they've never experienced before. The melody is always the same, but it shines through in its simplicity and perfectly supports Gary Dranow's deeply inspirational lyrics about these children who are witnessing the magic of childhood for the first and only time, and about their mother who has sacrificed so much to be able to give them such a spell. In Dranow's fire, she has broken society's rules and is now looking for her twin so that she can finally be loved. Gary Dranow's music carries beauty and grace, while her body wipes. To conclude, in "Bodywise" Gary Dranow once again achieves his musical splendor by boosting our self-esteem and making us reflect on our life legacy.

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