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1. Cru cru Frank Joshua, always a pleasure to have you back! How are you doing?

Always a pleasure. Cru cru.

2. As a former DJ what tunes would you put on in order to get the whole room jumping?

I think the way ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ kicks in is such a floor filler. Then maybe Daft Punk, then skip back to Chant Number One by Spandau Ballet, then keep jumping eras to surprise and delight the crowd.

3. What are your favorite records from Stevie Wonder, David Bowie and Prince?

As by Stevie

Life on Mars

Little Red Corvette

4. Can you name your favorite masterpeice from the 80s?

The Whole Of the Moon

5. How did you feel when Daft Punk annouce that they weren''t going to release music anymore?

Sad but I also feel like they’re playing us and won’t be surprised if they suddenly release a whole new album without warning.

6. What was the last song that was able to strike you in a deep emotional way?

Painted From Memory by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. I only heard it recently for some reason.

7. What's your favorite song from George Michael?

Probably Different Corner but I also really like Amazing.

8. What is "Kiss" and why is it so relaxing and dreamy?

Thank you! What I like about it is the contrast between the soft folkyness and the sharpness behind of some of the lyrics.

9. What is your favorite artist from the folk scene?

I still love everything Lauran Marling does,

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

Cru, cru – of course!


"Kiss" is born from the acoustic strings of Frank Joshua, who beautifully describes his former love interest in this very sweet song. For me, "Kiss" is about gazing at the stars and weeping heartlessly over past feelings. Frank Joshua's instrumental part does more with less, that's inevitable, Joshua's soothing, dreamy strings being immaculate as they try to resist the temptation to fall in love in order to avoid heartbreak.

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