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"The Contrarian" is born from a distorted, dystopian synthetic egg. This new original piece by Erick Castrillon is strange and mechanical, just like Frankenstein's monster. However, it feels more like I'm inside a psychedelic bedroom pop video game where avant-garde textures reign. I want to praise the string work that propels this single created by someone extremely quirky forward. And it would be a crime worthy of life imprisonment not to mention the melodic flute detail that sounds as natural as the mountains. Castrillon is the author of this darkroom who draws on micro-influences to generate this liberating leftfield song that will be interpreted in different ways by different fans, as it's a really hard track to pin down. As a curator, I'm always on the lookout for bold, experimental and artistic works, so it goes without saying that "The Contrarian" passes with flying colors!

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