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First of all, it should be noted that "So Tonight That I Might See" is one of Edie Yvonne's favorite records. She loves it so much and her passion for it is so contagious that I've even made a point of playing it more often to see if it grows on me, and I've had positive results! Definitely a grower, not a shower! Mazzy Star's legendary album opens with "Fade Into You", one of the most recognizable songs from '93 that is still used today in series and films and perhaps the best introduction for a newcomer to get into Mazzy Star. Yvonne's version sounds like I've just put in an old tape or a vynil, and I love the retro sound that comes from the static. I love the music and in Eddie Yvonne's reinterpretation the song seems even more colorful and it's important to note that Edie tries very hard, successfully, to hit certain notes during intense transitions. The original song is perfect and Eddie Yvonne does it justice with a beautiful tribute!

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