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1. Cru cru Edie Yvonne, your songwriting for "Girl Code" started with the genius line “You always have my back just to stab it…”, so I want you to ask: how was your creative process for Delusion and which lyric started it?

EY: Thank you! I love that line as well. I wrote Delusion starting with the first verse “I’m making potions. Tears and emotion. Better solution…” and so on. The whole process happened pretty organically, I picked up the guitar and started writing line by line. Then I took it to the studio with my producers and had lots of fun figuring out harmonies and vocal layering!

In Delusion, The chorus came swiftly:

It’s delusion

No excuse and

I’m confused ‘cause

It’s not me but you

Can’t reverse it

It’s like a curse ‘cause

It just gets worse

But I kinda like it too

3. What are your thoughts on the new album released by Lana del Rey?

EY: She is absolutely magical. I love A&W and the shift at 5.25 is everything. I’m obsessed with “Your mom called I told her you're f...king up big time.” I mean. Everything.

4. Have you seen the new remake of "Mean Girls"?

EY: I saw it several times. Reneé Rapp is my queen.

5. Who is your inspiration?

EY: I love Blondie. The Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell performances at the Grammys were so inspiring as well.

6. Do you like Death Grips?

EY: They have interesting experimental filmic effects.

7. What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

EY: I think openness and honesty. And wanting to share and connect with others through music. And willingness to share stories early on with the world.

8. What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an artist?

EY: Just trying to listen and trust my instincts at the same time. This is only the beginning and I’ve been so fortunate to work with amazing producers and songwriters who I’ve learned so much from!

9. Are you gonna give music up or desert us?

EY: Never!

10. Do you agree with the pigeon?

EY: Always!


"Delusion" immediately wins me over with bouncy riffs that have a symbiotic relationship with an interspersed bass. The 6-string riffs intertwine with Yvonne's ever-sweet voice and it's impossible not to love these indie melodies that are constantly bouncing around in this banger about an unreciprocated relationship in which the other person is completely in love without the other knowing or giving a damn. "Delusion" is another heartbreaking and tongue and cheek song that Edie Yvonne knows how to create!

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