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1. Hey Dorian, super nice to have the chance to chat with you! What first got you into music?

Thank you so much! Well, I have always loved music growing up; I sang in my church’s children’s choir. But, it wasn’t until the last 5 years or so ago, that I started songwriting consistently and passionately. I started dreaming for myself again; and really wanting to see where my gift of songwriting would take me! Artists like Michael Jackson, Monica, Usher, Brandy, Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child are some my earliest inspirations & influences!

2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

I’m very boring. Lol just give me a good ol’ French Vanilla and I’m satisfied!

3. What do you think your role is in this world?

To live my life in love and light— and to share that light with the rest of the world. To be honest, I think we all have that role! Imagine if we all tried to do that!

4. Where is the best place in the world you’ve ever been to?

I really enjoyed traveling to Japan. My Great Grandmother is Japanese; and my Grandmother was also born there. Going back to some of those roots felt so amazing and indescribable in ways.

5. What is one message you would give to your fans?

Thank you for the support thus far. It means the world to me and it inspires me to push more and more. I have so much in store; I just know it! I thank you for the love, and I pray my music can be a reminder to extend that kind of love and grace to the next person.

6. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

There’s really too many to name; but I’ll say Chris Brown currently!

7. What’s your favorite 2010’s artist? The Weekend; I’d say. I think he’s great and his catalog is amazing!

8. Have you ever got into a fight? If yes, with who?

Hmmm I fight with myself everyday I think…haha!

I can be my own worst critic; but at the same time I’m pushing myself to strive to be better everyday. So I guess that’s a fight I don’t mind having. And I can’t remember the last time I got into an actual physical fight! Lol

9. What’s your favorite animation movie?

I’ll say Beauty and The Beast; and also most recent Avatar. Both so iconic!

10. Do You Agree with the Pigeon?

Of course I do! Who wouldn’t?!

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify.

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Words by The Pigeon

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