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Cru cru DOKTORBAŞ , super nice to have the chance to chat with you. What first got you into music?

Thank you for having me. I am very grateful. Basically the answer to this question is my big ears! :) Haha! I remember when I was very young I loved listening to music and having fun with the rhythm of music, but there was something that pushed me to create music in particular. It was a twenty centimeter long toy organ that I won in a scratch-off game when I was ten years old. There was only one children's song recorded on this organ and you had to press a special button to listen to it. After listening to that song, I tried to play the song on the keys of the organ and discovered that I could play it. That's how the story began.

What is "Doctor Baush" and why does it sound so experimental and artsy?

Doktorbaş is actually a character in the cyber universe I created. There are multiple versions of this character. ''Doctor Baush'' is one of these characters. He is a more pessimistic version of Doktorbaş and makes his plans according to this mood. In this album, we dive into one of the cyber universes where the character Doctor Baush, who gives the album its title, transmits his consciousness and we travel with him in the form of a viewer. From the opening song to the last song, the album depicts what happens on this journey. It's a very complex journey, at times fast and exciting and at other times more calm, peaceful and slow. That's why the individual tracks and the album as a whole contain more than one musical style and performance style to describe this complex narrative. The journey in this story progresses almost in parallel with the order of the tracks on the album. I have a story in mind for all of them, but I encourage the listener to create different stories freely with their own imagination. For this reason, I prefer not to talk about the stories I have in mind.

Have you ever felt the spirit of music while performing these pieces live?

Doktorbaş started his life as a solo studio project. At the beginning, I had thoughts that it should only be a studio project, but over time I started to warm up to the idea of the stage. I'm trying to create an environment that will allow Doktorbaş to express himself intensely visually. In terms of visual performance, I constantly have ideas in my head that I feel I need to do. Naturally, this requires a lot of work. I am not performing at the moment but I have plans for the future. I can answer your question from another perspective. I didn't have the opportunity to feel the spirit of the music live on stage, but after the feedback from the audience, there were more than one emotional state that I fell into. Hearing that something you produced with your own emotions makes another person far away from you feel different or similar to you, this feeling proves to us that music is not something that can simply be thrown away. For the power of music!

Do you consider yourself a music - nerd?

Yes definitely! I listen to too much and watch too much. This rapid consumption can actually cause many things to lose their essence and meaning, but unfortunately communication in the world is going through such a process nowadays. Sometimes we want to restrain ourselves and sometimes we want to keep up with the process. If you think that the majority of the strings are still in your hands, then you have a choice. Therefore, act as you wish. But a word of advice, please stop where you feel you need to stop before your head catches fire :)

What’s your favorite artist or band from the drum n' bass scene?

As a matter of fact, it's not a style of music that I follow with a special interest, but somehow these styles of music come up when I need to express myself musically. Of course, it is not possible for me to process and transform them without hearing them somewhere. Especially in this album, Breakcore, DnB, Breakbeat influences can be easily felt. I can't name more than one specific name that inspires me in terms of style, but I can name one: Prodigy.

What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

I don't think I'm a great musician, I think it's more appropriate to describe myself as a designer or a storyteller. I don't think I'm bad at storytelling, and I think that's because I think I might have a knack for putting intense emotions into a form and communicating them effectively.

Have you ever seen a rave movie called Human Traffic?

Yes, I remember watching a part of this movie and I think it successfully reflects the art aesthetics of the late nineties. Of course, the same goes for music, which is my special interest. The emotions and feelings of the years when Bomfunk MC's Freestyler entered the scene of existence will later take us to the mid-2000s and introduce us to The Chemical Brothers' Galvaniz. I think the scene in the movie where Carl Cox's Black Shaolin is playing conveyed a situation that had the potential to traumatize us all. :)

Can you tell us a cringe memory of yours?

If you ask if you blush when you are embarrassed, no, I don't, but once in high school during lunch I lost my balance and stuck a huge slice of pizza on a girl's arm. It was really stuck and it was on her arm :) With a straight and expressionless face, I ripped the pizza off the girl's arm, slowly took the remaining slice of pepperoni off her arm, put it on my plate, apologized and went on my way. I was extremely embarrassed, but this is one of the lightest ones I've ever experienced, man. Don't let it show ;)

Do you sing in the shower? If yes, what songs?

I sing a lot. If I'm going to take a quick shower, I especially like to listen to metal and sing along to the songs. You should try singing black metal in the bathroom reverb my friend :)

From time to time I do a vocal performance with K.I.N.G and Mother North from Satyricon, which is awesome to the ears (!). I like to listen to Gojira's Magma album and sing along with them while hooting. Any song from RED FANG will do. If I'm dreaming of a sentimental young love and going into a trance, I'll listen to a French Indie Rock/Shoegazing band called Requin Chagrin .

Do you agree with the Pigeon?

) I agree with all the oppressed creatures in our universe, including the pigeon.

Bonus questions:

How long do you plan on keeping breaking beats?

Breakbeats are with me as long as they're needed! I won't let them go for a while.

Doctor, doctor... give me the news... do I have a bad case for raving with you?

As a pigeon, the fact that the head can rotate 180 degrees is a positive feature to party with me!


Check out the new original album: Doctor Baush!

Crunchy distortion in the form of static which settles the mood of "Office Work. My fingers can't keep up with the speed of these melodic algorithms created by this doctor who, in my opinion, is inspired by the excellent work of Autechre to compose these repetitive digital melodies that perfectly encapsulate the monotony of a nine to five job, just like in the cult movie "Office Space". "Office Work" also has its moments of pure bliss and pure genius generated by embellished keys and adrenergic moments when the electronics speed up to deliver the missing project at the last minute. On the other hand, "Blue Mother" is the heart of this enigmatic record and is a piece that through spoken word and otherworldly synths creates an alien atmosphere where a tribe lives whose members' life force is directly related to the health of their planet. After a one-off case of artificial machines that have come to disturb the harmony of this native people, the melody evolves into a serene ceremony accompanied by tribal percussion and the ritual that was taking place before the artificial melodic enemies appeared can finally continue.

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