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Wow! \0/ This absolutely outstanding outlaw single, "Born To Raise Hell & Sing the Blues" is so festive that it can go toe to toe with some of the best critically acclaimed blues that I hear every year! I am without a doubt impressed!

After this rock n' roll gem I had to get Derek for an interview! Here it is!

1. Hey Derek Lee Goodreid, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. What first got you into music?

I think my Grandmother dragging me to church and singing Amazing Grace, that song still has power to this day. Also watching Elvis Presley movies with my Grandmother so I would say she is responsible for my love of rockabilly and soulful music.

2. Wait a minute, Elvis made movies?! I only knew The Beatles did some, but Elvis?! For real?! Anything good or even great?

The Elvis movies are pretty fun and kitschy and are definitely a product of their time. They all have a similar formula and it's just fun to watch. Like a time capsule.

3. Do you consider yourself a music - nerd?

Yes, there is still so much I am learning and I am appreciating it when I learn the stories behind how songs are made and why. I am also grateful to all the technology available nowadays that make music accessible for people such as the toontrack software I use for my songwriting. It blows my mind how far we have come and what new stuff is just around the corner.

4. Did you actually enjoyed church with your Grandma besides the music?

I haven't really been back to church in a long time. To be honest after the singing part of church I would sneak out from Sunday school and go to a local bowling alley and play arcade video games, then sneak back and pretend I learned something from the bible. My grandma always new but she was a sweet person, unless you cursed or blasphemed then you would get a good whack!

5. What’s your favorite 90’s artist?

The Living End when they first started I was such a skate punk and had never seen an upright bass on a rock stage before. I had always thought it was for old people and their jazz music, how wrong I was. Their songs are so anthemic and have such a great energy to them.

6. What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

I think I have a great knack at writing catchy melodies and ear worms. I catch a lot of my people who have listened to my music humming away my tunes without them even realizing.

7. What’s your favorite 60’s artist?

Dick Dale, the inventor of Surf Rock. I love listening to surf rock and it always gets me in a motivated mood and just captures my imagination.

8. What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

For me it is a great release for all my emotions and helps me work through my struggles with depression, cptsd and social anxiety. I find I am writing a lot more uplifting and happier songs because of it and just enjoying life and I think that is reflected in the music I am making.

9. Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Yes I am guilty of that, my favorite shower songs are S.O.B. by Nathaniel Rateliff, Brooklyn Zoo by O.D.B., Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley and Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis.

10. Do you think Jeff Buckley has the best voice of all time? If not, who?

I think he is one of a few great vocalists I admire. I think Howlin' Wolf also had an amazing range as well as Chris Cornell, Etta James and Elvis had an amazing set of pipes and Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Mark Lanegan would all be in my top ten. I don't generally look at music as a competition but Jeff Buckley definitely makes me stop and really listen to a song and I think that's the most important thing for any vocalist.

The Pigeon added the new single to his Weekly Gems playlist on Spotify.

You can check out the released music below. If you like what you hear, make sure to follow along so you can stay on top of future releases.

Words by The Pigeon

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