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1. cru cru Dame Zina, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. First and foremost what got you into music?

I got into theater before music, so i started acting before singing, and music became another way to interpret for me. now, singing is a part of me, and i can't imagine acting witghout singing !

2. What’s the best decade for dream pop?

hard to say, as there are some great bands today... but ill stick to the classics : the 90s !! after all, that's when it all started !!

3. What's your favorite electronic album to listen to during a bad day?

i have to choose amongst my favorite artists ? pink floyd, massive attack, ladytron... ill pick mezzanine for a bad day, it always helps !!

4. What’s the best advice you ever gave to another underground artist?

i'd say, there's an audience for everything, don't try to blend in to find more fans, the best fans are the ones who like what you'll create at your core, deep inside. music is an art about truthfulness, you have to be as honest as possible !!

5. What is "Eau" and why is it such an epic piece?

Eau is our latest single and music video, it's an electro rock song about hypersensitivity and the overflow of emotions that often get to me. i used water, eau, in french, as a metaphor, because of it's many forms, its flows... the music video conveys this feeling of being completely drowned under water !! fun fact : i actually got really really wet and cold shooting it, i went to a frozen river and stayed in a light dress under a crazy rain !

6. How is your experience as an indie artist going?

indie isn't pop, we don't try to appeal to the masses, or have thousands of fans, i love that the people who listen to our music are just as niche as we are. music is fun, and we have fun together !!

7. What songs and albums are still inspiring you even until this day?

pink floyd, all the time, daft punk, every day !! i listen to nine inch nails very often, it never gets old !! my dad, the other half of dame zina, raised me to these bands and i never stopped listening to them!!

8. What's so special about the synthwave scene?

what i love most is its freedom, synthwave comes from so many different genres and has so many different inspirations, i feel like through it, i can create anything and be a part of the community !!

9. Are you a fan of movies?

yes !! movies, music, theater, dance, museums... every art inspires me. movies often combines many of those, i draw a lot of inspiration from them!

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?


"Eau" is born in the cradle of an immediately exotic and sensual performance in French that takes place behind the microphone and draws my attention immensely, since that's where the spotlight is. On the other hand, the synthetic melodies provide a dreamy atmospheric backing and the minimalist, skeletal beats propel this romantic rocket forward. Then the synthesizers begin to swirl and we enter a synthetic odyssey that makes the flower of love bloom through her voice, which is sculpted in crystal in this extremely romantic track whose symphony ends with soft piano finishes.

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