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1. Cru cru, what first got you into music?

My family including grandparents were musicians professionally in one way or another. It was in the blood.

2. What or who is your inspiration to create music?

I don't have a particular inspiration. My taste in music (and CD collection) is very broad.

3. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

The internet has opened up opportunities for musicians to self publish. As a youngster writing and recording music with a good friend we'd talk about "releasing" music, but besides sending copies to be played on local radio or doing in station performances, there wasn't much to be done without a label.

4. Will you tell us something embarassing about you

My long investine is slightly longer than it should be. So I have more guts than most? Haha

5. How is your perfect day?

Sleeping in with cats around me.

6. What memorable responses have you had to your work so far?

Session musicians who hear a lot of music enjoying playing on my tracks is pretty awesome.

7. Do you see yourself as a music nerd?

Probably. Above my door as a music teacher was the Debussy quote "music is the mathematics of sound". I taught a lot of theory besides piano, guitar, uke, singing, bass...

8. What album do you replay the most?

The Strokes: Is This It? It is the perfect album. Every song.

9. What's your favorite movie?

Die Hard.

10. Do you agree with the Pigeon?

Of cruse! The crucial crux of things stems from the accrued crumbs of accurate knowledge procured by the Pigeon


Plastic beats and distorted spaced riffs are the melodic basis of this banger complemented by synthesizers where you can be together and disappear. Cat Cork's melodies evaporate into the empty spaces of this dark pop inspired by the 80s and the emsagador despair of the late 70s. Meanwhile, Cat's music explodes and blinds us completely after the screen goes from black to white!!!

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