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Check out the new original album by C.P. Queen of Rapsoul: "Chronological Ballistics"!

"Straightryda" has a bombastic artificiality, in which the synthesizers are pushed to the limit and "washed" by a surprisingly innovative production effect that starts a cacophony! Listening to "Straightryda", the feeling of discovery is constant: I've never heard anything like it! What are these glitches? - This is so experimental! The elements are so strange and otherworldly, I don't even know where to hold on, with the percussion going at a gallop while this superstar's vocal performance is drowned out by all the eccentricities of this queen of rapsoul. On the other hand, "Winner" is a closer that deserves to be prized for its daring to experiment, delivering circus-like beats and a soulful performance. "Winner" couldn't be more colorful or psychedelic! Here, I'm drawn to the synthetic melody that is pushed to the limit by fusing genres and presenting a multifaceted structure that despises quitters who can't get anywhere.

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