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1. Cru cru Bromsen, I already know that Nirvana got you into music. What's your favorite record from Kurt Cobain and company?

Karlo: My favorite album is indeed Nevermind and my favorite track is Lithium and I believe Richards favorite track is On a plain.

2. Is "the banana" a fan of your new tune: Someone?

Yes, the banana loves the tune. Actually our banana made up the contact with Luka and is currently having vacations in Ireland.

3. What was your creative process when making "Someone"?

The initial version of the song was very “folky” and had an Irish pub atmosphere. Actually, it could have fitted in one of Luka’s setlists. Richard then added these great synth layers and that amazing prog rock guitar solo. However we wanted to still transport the folky atmosphere, so that is why it took much longer than usual to record the vocals. In the end we and our banana were very happy with the result.

4. Someone sounds like the 80's. Were you taking notes from other synth pop groups from that time when making this new certified banger to dance to?

I think the synth layers just came out of Richard like a stream of magic. If the song has any influences at all then probably the “spirit” of Luka Blooms album Turf.

5. A little bird tolde "The Good, The Band and the Ugly" is your favorite film. Are you a fan of other westerns or other works directed by Sergio Leone?

Yes, we love them all, of course the full dollar trilogy and once upon a time in the west. Leone and Morricone have been both magicians.

6. What is your favorite record from the following legendary artists from the 60's: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and Bob Dylan

Beatles – Rubber Soul

The Rolling Stones – Let it bleed

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds

The Kinks - Kinks

Bob Dylan - Desire

7. Tough question. Name a good, bad and ugly synth pop from the 80's.

Great question >

The good – Pet Shop Boys

The bad – New Order

The ugly – That would have been probably us, if we would have lived in the 80s – we are ugly and cunning.

8. Another tough question. What's your favorite track from


True Blue!

9. What's your favorite song of all time from the indie rock scene?

Blister in the sun from Violent Femmes.

10. Cru cru?

Broms (Our “yes” in bromsish)


"Love Me Just A Little" is John Conlin's stupendous new single and features extremely fast, intense drums that fit like a glove with the infectious, energetic pop that Conlin has accustomed us to. His voice is close to The Weeknd's, especially in the sense that it's quite intense, revealing a natural gift for showmanship in dark verses like ("Lonely nights, I wanna give in"). "Love Me Just A Little" also uses a mesmerizing atmospheric blue filter, which contrasts perfectly with electronic melodies that couldn't be more epic or captivating. John Conlin's new hit thus becomes a very interesting experience of contrasts with an absolutely exceptional hook that refuses to leave our heads because it is so infectious and memorable!!!

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