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Artist Highlight: THE GOONS

Check out the original album: "The Goons Live At The Black Cat"!

After a brief introduction, The Goons and their furious guitars bring the house down with the relentless opener "The White Tide" which immediately sets the ferocious tone of the album and the band's identity. The synergy between the distorted guitars and the explosive drums is at its peak in "RTD", deserving a round of applause from the audience. "Yes, I'm Sexy" says the leader behind the microphone before continuing his rebellious attitude in "I'm Alright". The noise continues in "Human Wheel" where memorable, almost mechanical riffs stand out. On the next track they demonstrate the fury of the American nation in distress through heavy guitar and hard hitting drums! The raw compressive and electrifying vein of this punk and post hardcore live show continues in deep cuts like "GI BILL", "Breakdown" and "Young Man". As before, "Ameria Hates Its Youth" functions as the frustration of a nation that doesn't want to waste time. Such a raucous group probably doesn't like the infamous "The Goonies" but makes an unstoppable reference to Star Troopers from Star Wars on the next track. "Hey! You" is catchy as Hell! They give a big fuck you to American capitalism in "Revenue Machine." The charismatic melodic screams backed by a noisy symbiosis of ntensities in "What You Wanted" and "Everyday Life" confirm that you want to see The Goons live with a crowd of people jumping and pushing!!! In the last song they break all the dishes and it hits right st home for those who live in toxic cities. So The Goons leave this volatile concert full of bangers with a more than deserved clapping ovation!

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Words by The Pigeon

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