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Check out the original EP by Roxercat: "Pearls"! A rock pearl indeed. The title track of the EP, "Pearls" is overflowing with nostalgia with a sweet female voice behind the mic and extremely virtuosic guitar bridges just like the rock of yesteryear. This is followed by "Crime" - a much more bombastic and aggressive cut than the previous one, but equally impressive in its guitar techniques. On the other hand, "Baby I Tried" enchants with background choruses that become progressively more cathartic! The rebellious and rocky energy present throughout this EP finds its core in "I Will Not Lie"! "I Changed Today" is another incredibly catchy deep cut where the use of organ that guarantees experimental properties stands out. To finish, "2020" closes this powerful EP with a golden key through flashy guitars that extend to infinity and beyond.

Words by The Pigeon

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