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Stay tuned! "Ghost Town" promises to be the hit from "Vinganza del Fantasma", the upcoming EP by Love Ghost. The single is accompanied by a sinister music video that relies on total darkness and the night city embraced by a bloody sky. I can only see eyes in the darkness. These to me portray me perfectly preoccupied with what others think of me instead of focusing on myself. These eyes are so menacing and overbearing to the point of making me ponder suicide - cursed immagery for real!!!! I also want to appreciate this ghost town for taking a bold risk by bringing a Latin feature (Santa RM) to the table that pays off in every way. It contrasts perfectly with the actor we are used to and adds versatility to this edgy anthem with traces of melodic metal and emo hooks.

Check out the new original EP: "Vinganza del Fantasma" by Love Ghost! I know that "Ghost Town (feat. Santa RM)" is my favorite from the EP and it should be yours too, but in case it's not I respect it. The rest of the songs on the EP ("Inferno", "Ali3n" and "Pick Myself Apart") also have a lot of merit!!! For example, "Inferno" makes use of skeletal and sinister beats that underpin a brutal and brash approach. The performance is so visceral and relentless that it really makes me feel lost in a wall of fire that is mercilessly set ablaze. This banger burns so much, OMG!!! Ali3n is a drastic change of pace with a much more industrial, much more Latin approach and a much more festive beat to "perrear", but equally cathartic as all the hits the band has accustomed us to, despite being dominated by an extremely sensual female presence.

"Pick Myself Apart" follows a more traditional approach in Love Ghost standards, but it's still an emotional closer capable of moving my blood, sweat and tears.

Still, "Homesick" puts me in an existential crisis a la Built To Spill or Brand New, but with much more modern production tricks than the groups mentioned, namely reverb. It's a nostalgic cut supported by constant percussion that gets progressively more intense. By the time I get to the hook of this perfect song to sing along to, my life is going nowhere. In fact, there's something satisfying and cathartic about being able to rid myself of so many negative emotions as if I were part of the group of these rock ghosts.

Words by The Pigeon

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