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Check out the original album: Persephone and the Ghost Brother by Guilherme Cosme. The track that stands out the most must be "Into A Boy". "Disorder" (part 1) stands out musically for its experimental and destabilized approach inspired by chamber music, field recordings, plunderphonics, orchestras and noises coming from the darkness reminding me of ominous acts like Lingua Ignota, since my nerves are on edge. The chills really hit and I'm running back to my mother's skirts when an authoritative narrator with a voice underpinned by electrifying beats takes control of this epic single. Next up, "Into A Boy" settles back down with shimmering keyboard melodies that drive away the evil spirits, even though they're still present in my imagination. It is worth remembering that this chimera is complemented by a cinematic show not to be missed with fabulous choreography that reflects the mood and primal emotions provoked by this music in my subconscious.

Words by The Pigeon

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